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At CJB Pest and Mosquito Control we pride ourselves on being the Elite Pest Control Service Company for SE Michigan.We are a family run business with over 85 years experience in full service residential and commercial pest control. We go above and beyond a typical "Bug Guy", we provide the "Pest Management Professionals" to quickly and effectively rid your home or business from pests. All backed by our industry best guarantee's! 


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It's your home! Don't let the bugs take over...CJB can eliminate any crawling insect pest problem quickly and inform you on how to best prevent future pest issues.Even if your pest isn't seen above, call our educated office staff to get an Idenfitication and elimiantion service suited for your home.
All work comes with an Industry Best Guarantee. Most pest problems do not require maintenance contracts so go with a company that will provide you with the most effective treatment plan for your home or business.
Detailed inspection reports and recommendations are provided on each service.
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Spring/Summer 2016 - Crawling insects to look for


Carpenter Ants - These ants are most active inside of your home between April and July. This time of the year is the best time to treat for them because we can localize and eliminate the nest them when they are most active and are going to be searching for food and water


Pavement Ants - These little brown ants are most common during colder months when they forage more to the inside of the home, but are active throughout the warmer months as well. Our treatment combines baits & residual material that will quickly end the activity inside of your home and **treatment to the exterior in the spring** will help prevent new colonies from entering.


Box Elder Beetles and Asian Lady Beetles- These insects are just waking up from the long winter and will start showing up inside of your home and on the exterior. These are also very annoying because they will often show up in clusters and fly around inside of the home near windows as well as being in your walls and/or attic. 


Spiders- Spider activity will spike due to the warmth.On the Interior of homes eggs will begin to hatch, the exterior will begin to see webs on/around the home.


Clover Mites-   Tiny red mites that are most commonly seen on patio's, siding, and window/door frames. They love the heat so they are commonly seen on sides of the home that get a lot of sun. They feed on plants and lay eggs in grass along the foundation of the home. Exterior programs will prevent entry and we can spot treat the interior in areas that you see them.

Springtails-  These small & thin dark grey insects will be seen in areas of moisture inside of the home (bathrooms, kitchen, laundry rooms, etc) in sinks, drains, etc.  They will also be seen on window ledges and door frames. They will breed in warm/moist areas on the exterior (mulch, gutters, heavy foliage, etc) and gain entry through the smallest of cracks. Exterior programs will prevent entry and we can spot treat the interior in areas you have seen them. 


Exterior Preventive Services

Our Exterior Preventive Service programs provide excellent seasonal protection for those homeowners looking to prevent problems before they start and to keep insects from breeding around their homes. Each service comes with our detailed inspection report and environmental recommendations.

Crawling Insects in Farmington Hills | CJB Pest & Mosquito Control - bugsss“Perimeter Treatment”

Perimeter Treatment provides detailed exterior treatment for prevention of crawling insects. We thoroughly treat around common areas of entry, foundation / perimeter soil, and treat any breeding/harborage areas near to the home.

“Perimeter Plus”

In addition to our “Perimeter Treatment” Perimeter Plus also provides the application of perimeter insecticide granulation for crawling insects. Granules provide an additional measure of protection as they gradually break down into the soil, wood chips, and mulched areas around your home, gradually killing emerging insects that are hatching. The granule treatment is effective for weeks to months ahead.
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