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Comprehensive & Affordable Removal of Bed Bugs in New Hudson, MI

Insect Control Services New Hudson MI

CJB Pest and Mosquito Control prides itself in providing the best in residential and commercial pest elimination service in the greater New Hudson area. We are a family-run business with over 85 years experience in effective pest management. Proper pest control treatment for your home or business is an investment; you want a company who will be sensitive to your needs. Our family will treat you like family.

Our knowledgeable staff and State-Certified technicians will not only provide you with the best options to eliminate your problem, but also focus on how to prevent future pest problems in your home or business. Detailed inspection reports and environmental recommendations are provided with most services and repair work is available to pest-proof your property -- all backed by our industry best guarantees. From insects and rodents to wildlife, CJB can conquer any pest problem!

New Hudson's Premier Mosquito Control Service!

Mosquito Control New Hudson MI

Our mosquito programs are second to none and will let you and your family enjoy the outdoors without being eaten alive! All materials used are registered by the EPA for use on mosquitoes and their resting areas. Making it safe for adults, kids, and pets to enjoy the spring and summer! Our professional, proactive approach to mosquitoes cannot totally eliminate all mosquitoes, but will greatly reduce the mosquito population around your home. Larvicides are used in standing water to eliminate mosquito eggs.

Our Comprehensive 4-Step Approach:

Step 1: Inspection for possible breeding and resting site.
Step 2: Recommendations for correcting conditions contributing to mosquito breeding.
Step 3: Applications of mosquito reduction products, both larvicides and adulticides.
Step 4: Routine monitoring and treatment of site.

Pre-Party Application (weddings, special events, etc.)

Have your next party or special occasion be pleasant and mosquito free! Applications will be effective for up to 3 weeks afterward.

Seasonal Programs -- 2-Month to 5-Month Programs

Homeowner Association / Subdivision / Small Group Discounts are available

Enjoy the summer with tailor made programs for the months you want done. We take extra special care and necessary time to make sure all the areas mosquitoes will look to hide out in or rest upon after flight are treated appropriately. Keeping your property and family safe from mosquitoes! Payment Options: pre-pay for season OR Individual payment after each service.

Bed Bug Removal Solutions in New Hudson, MI

Bedbug Removal New Hudson MI

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small, flat, oval shaped insects that are approximately 5-7 mm long and carried into the home via person or objects such as previously owned furniture, clothing or in luggage from a recent trip. Bed Bugs feed mostly at night while people are asleep but can attack during the day in subdued light. When the bugs bite, they pierce the skin with an elongated beak, inject saliva into the skin and withdraw the blood. The fluid often causes the skin to become irritated and inflamed. Welts commonly develop and itch.

Why CJB's Bed Bug Treatment?

  • "Bed Bug Free" Certified CompanyRemoval of Bed Bugs New Hudson MI | CJB Pest & Mosquito Control - bed_bug_free_logo_(1)
  • Effective & Affordable
  • Industry Best GUARANTEE
  • Box Spring Encasements & Bed Frame Traps
  • Eliminates the chance of spreading to other rooms
  • Info on how to prevent future problems

Home Inspection

If you are unsure if you have Bed Bugs, or you have a significant infestation and need a detailed inspection to determine how wide spread the problem has become, call us for an inspection. We can determine if you do have a problem and to what extent. If you are already aware of your bed bug problem, most quotes can be done over the phone just by speaking with our educated staff and answering some basic questions. Throwing out the furniture only, without treatment, usually does not work. In fact, bed bugs that are located elsewhere will re-infest the new furniture brought in.

Treatment & Guarantee

Our technicians are highly educated and have years of experience in bed bug elimination. Since we are a "Bed Bug Free" Certified Business our treatment program provides you the best technique available to rid your home, condo, or apartment of Bed Bugs. We provide encasements for your bed and traps for your bedframe (essential in quick elimination), Steam (heat) for couches and furniture, and an intensive 2 step residual treatment to all the areas bed bugs will either hide or travel across.

We use only the best materials available (based on scientific research) on the market. Our bed bug services comes with an industry best GUARANTEE. If activity is seen or felt after our elimination program, call us back out for a follow up at no charge to you.

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Stinging Insect Removal Services -- Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets

Common stinging bugs:

Bee Removal New Hudson MI

Our Wasp / Hornet / Bee / Yellow Jacket elimination services are second to none! Whether it be eliminating / preventing wasp nesting on your home, or eliminating a specific hornet or yellow jacket nest, CJB will provide exceptional service to keep your family and property safe. All work is GUARANTEED!

These aggressive, stinging insects can be extremely dangerous to deal with on your own and should only be dealt with by a professional. Our Preventive Wasp Program provides treatment to your home to eliminate any current nesting and prevent future nesting of Paper Wasps, Hornets, Mud Dauber Wasps, and Carpenter Bees (optional). These are all stinging insects that will nest on your home and appurtenant structures.

Our program also offers preventive treatment for decks, play sets, basketball hoops, storage sheds, hot tub frames and any other places wasps will attempt nesting. Our inspection report will also list areas that need to be sealed to prevent Yellow Jacket and Honey Bee nesting areas.

CJB Pest & Mosquito Control
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CJB Pest & Mosquito Control
(248) 888-7727

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  • Over 80 years family experience in the industry
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  • Protectors of Public Health and Property
  • References available upon request

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Why Choose CJB?

  • 80 years Family Experience
  • A+ Rating Better Business Bureau
  • ”Angie’s List Award Winner & “A” Rating
  • The Best Guarantee’s
  • Educated Staff & State Certified Tech’s
  • Appointment Scheduling
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Pest Control Services

From Insects and Rodents to Wildlife, CJB can handle most any pest issues in your home or business. Proper pest control treatment for your home is an investment; you want a company who will be sensitive to your needs as a home or business owner. Our family will treat you like family. We provide only the best in pest elimination and preventive programs.