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CJB Pest and Mosquito Control is a residential and commercial pest control company providing full-service pest elimination solutions and preventive programs in Berkley MI and the surrounding area. We are a family-run business with over 85 years experience in effective pest management. Proper pest control treatment for your home or business is an investment; you want a company who will be sensitive to your needs. Our family will treat you like family.

Our knowledgeable staff and State-Certified technicians will not only provide you with the best options to eliminate your problem, but also focus on how to prevent future pest problems in your home or business. Detailed inspection reports and environmental recommendations are provided with most services and repair work is available to pest-proof your property -- all backed by our industry best guarantees. From insects and rodents to wildlife, CJB can conquer any pest problem!

Members of Michigan and National Pest Management Association

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Pest Identifier - Wildlife/Rodents

Residential & Commercial Animal & Wildlife Removal Solutions in Berkley MI

CJB Pest and Mosquito Control has the experience and knowledgeable staff needed to answer any questions you have and to get you set up for an inspection or service appointment. If you have an animal living inside of your home, CJB will provide you a complete exterior inspection of the property to determine the entry point, as well as provide written environmental recommendations to help deter future problems. We also offer repair work in order to pest-proof your property against any form of wildlife (flashing, screening, caulking, etc.).

Bat Removal

Bat Removal Berkley MI

Although bats are somewhat beneficial to the environment, you do not want them living inside your home. Bat dropping (guano) is toxic and poses potential health risks. Our bat removal service will give you a detailed inspection on the main entry points, any other openings that need to be sealed to prevent future entry, the removal devices needed, and the time frame required to remove the existing population.

Bat dropping and soiled insulation removals are also available along with sanitizing of affected areas. We guarantee removal and give you a written guarantee against any new bats getting into your property through the openings we seal off.

Mole Removal

Mole Removal Berkley MI

Moles use/create tunnels as a means to locate food. They can create up to one hundred feet of new tunnels in a single day. These underground rodents can do severe damage to lawns and landscaping. Even the best lawn care companies can miss mole damage and not use effective mole control.

Evidence of moles can be seen by two indicators: 1) Dead grass trails that sink down when stepped upon 2) Large piles of dirt emerging from the lawn. Our elimination process will quickly eliminate moles in your lawn and protect your beautiful property. Maintenance programs area available to prevent future problems.

Initial Evaluation: Involves a review of the property and surrounding area. This step helps determine the most active areas. We will then give you a price for elimination of the current population.

Site Treatment: After the review of the property, we will return to place bait into the active burrows. Bait will always be placed underground. Elimination of a current population will normally require two applications. All work is guaranteed.

Read our reviews to learn why our customers always choose us!

"Wow! Definitely would recommend. They came out the same day. I thought I had a squirrel in my attic, but it was a bird. Travis was professional and friendly. I would call them again. Thanks Travis & CJB!!! PS...I've already given their # to 2 people. Adam G. from Ferndale, MI

"Yuck, our family inherited a bedbug problem! My mother called another company and had poor success. I went online and found glowing reviews for CJB Pest; they are knowledgeable, polite and excellent in their service performance. So far, problem solved but I am confident should a problem arise (which I really, really doubt as they were super thorough), they will return as promised. Best part, my mother has peace of mind!" Gloria Warren

For all your residential and commercial pest control needs, trust the pest management professionals at CJB Pest and Mosquito Control. Call today and receive a FREE estimate on your next service!

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Pest Control Services

From Insects and Rodents to Wildlife, CJB can handle most any pest issues in your home or business. Proper pest control treatment for your home is an investment; you want a company who will be sensitive to your needs as a home or business owner. Our family will treat you like family. We provide only the best in pest elimination and preventive programs.